Issue # 1 Short story

Soul Seekers

Lyndsey Westfall invited me to be apart of Soul Seekers this past weekend. This was submission for the show. Thanks Lyndsey I had a great time.

Grand Electric

Colin Tooke and Ian McGrenaghan of Grand Electric asked me to do the Menu for the their front window.

Kungfu Dawg

  This a graphic I did for my friend Kungfu’s new Hotdog company KUNGFU DAWG.

P and L Burger

Some Mural and Signage work I did for P and L Burger  

Rhum Corner

Signage I did for Rhum Corner, a new Haitian themed restaurant and cocktail bar from the owners of The Black Hoof , Jen Agg and Roland Jean. Read the review on Toronto Life , The Grid and the Toronto Eater

Scouts Honour

Mural created for Summer camp themed Dundas West bar . Read the review on BlogTO and the star.

Paul Gallagher AKA Silver fox

Here is a personal project of mine, I put together this little skate short featuring Paul Gallegher and myself. I really enjoyed making this video I got to play around with some different editing techniques and got to work with

Port Moody Blues

I worked on Jeremy Pettit’s Port Moody Blues with, Mike Bishop, Andrew Pommier, and Jon Izen .  I was the Animation Art director on this project. I made a small edit of some of the titles in the vid. Enjoy!

R.I.P. Pongs

My Pongs has gasped it’s last breath. Owners of Mr. Pong’s always intended this space to be used as a concept bar to change every 6 months. Sadly the illustrations that decorated the walls had to go. I managed to